The fundamental mistakes in decarbonisation

Not a lot is basically wrong with our current energy system.Internal combustion engines are pretty much optimised. Heating israther efficient and practical. The distribution systems of fuel andmethane are well established. Pretty much all appliances that can be meaningfully electrified are indeed already electrified. There’s only one problem: the entire system runs on fossil fuels.And… Continue reading The fundamental mistakes in decarbonisation

The role of BRIGID MSRs in the future of humanity.

The world is a mess, and politics are messing it up: wars, globalism, ecology. Instead of solving the world’s problems, preferably in a piecefull and democratic way, one could emigrate somewhere else and start from scratch. But where would you go? To the Moon? Gravity is really low. There is no water. There is no… Continue reading The role of BRIGID MSRs in the future of humanity.

Why Brigid selects thorium

Thorium: the magical solution? Hell, no! Be careful what you wish for. The only thing that really matters, is HOW we use nuclear fuel.This is what we call the “fuel cycle”. The details of the fuel cycle determine: the efficiency of the conversion of the nuclear fuel into heat. This is really important considering nuclear… Continue reading Why Brigid selects thorium