BRIGID project: financial

BRIGID financial impact

BRIGID is a large project, but not huge, compared to other large infrastructure projects, such as the development of the Belgian power grid or the investments in renewables. In view of the ultimate recurrent benefits, the initial development costs are negleable. For various reasons, the production costs are low compared to classical nuclear power plants. The maintenance costs are also low, without cutting availability or safety.

One could think of BRIGID as a mandatory platform for society to start creating an entirely new economy and a new value chain. One can hardly imagine a more disruptive approach towards energy. In this sense, it solves an existential problem, and existential problems are to be solved at any cost, by definition.

In view of the strategic importance, the social implications, the pressing time constraints, and the political uncertainties, BRIGID is self-financing.

who will pay the development

BRIGID is self-financing for the development of the key technology: AnnevoieTM, a closed fuel cycle thorium driven MSR.

The rest of the power plant, we named ALVINTM, is considered a commercial venture for specialised companies, who we expect will be eager to invest in the development, construction and marketing of a BRIGID compatible, high enthalpy, high efficiency steam plant, provided the BRIGID reactor can deliver high enthalpy steam.

The conversion of the fuel and fertiliser industry will have to follow naturally. Even more so for the automotive and aviation sector.

BRIGID is developing a reactor stepping over a number of clearly defined milestones. During the development, the BRIGID develoment team is collecting venture capital from it's own volunteers. Volunteers must acquire shares. The price of a share increases linearly with time. At each milestone, the initial value of a new share is higher, as it's clear that progress has been made. After each milestone, the linear increase with time is larger. Read also: logistics.

deployment: buy BRIGID War Bonds

We at BRIGID consider the energy-climate-waste problem an existential problem. It's a war to keep human development going.

Once the developments are proven technology, ready for deployment on a large scale, we will offer BRIGID War Bonds to the public. The BRIGID War Bond capital will cover the deployment of 10+ Belgian reactors by 2050.

Stock owners will be granted a guaranteed energy quotum at a reduced price.
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