BRIGID project: links



  • Kirk Sorensen set up a website to promote thorium technology:

  • News site on thorium related matters:

  • A LFTR promotion site:

  • Leslie Dewan and Marc Massie published R&D results on their TAP waste burner design at ORNL:

  • Het Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie, the Belgian R&D center for nuclear sciences, since 1958: sckcen

  • BNEN or the Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network, a joint effort of SCK-CEN and 6 Belgian universities:

  • Observe the Belgian electricity production mix:

  • Belgian nuclear research for next generation technology is described in

  • European related nuclear R&D is performed in the SAMOFAR project:

  • literature

  • [PBDOC1850001] "Energietrilemma - Een verkenning van het Belgische electriciteitslandschap in 2030", J. Albrecht, et. al., 2017, ISBN 978 90 736 2665 2
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